Sometimes you may need help with the finances besides billing. We can assist you with everything from tax declarations to advice in larger decisions, whether you are self-employed or running your own company.

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Legal advice

As a self-employed entrepreneur or a small business owner, there may be times when you need legal advice. We will help you ensure that your contracts are waterproof and support you if you need advice.

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It is important to feel safe when you are working. Therefore, you always have a basic insurance when you work through us. You can also sign up for the occupational pension via us! In addition, it is possible to get additional insurance options for you with special needs.

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We will hold your hand all the way. In addition to the fact that we can all the “hard” parts like finance, law and insurance, we are also your adviser.

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The story behind Bolagskraft

The reason I wanted to work with Bolagskraft is that I know through our experience what opportunities you can get through a self-employment. Self-employed in Sweden is called Egenanställd and it means that you can work and invoice without starting your own business. We handle everything – you will find your own assignments and invoice thru BolagsKraft, we then pay all taxes, VAT and you get your paycheck.

Our wish is to employ as many people as possible and help them realize their dreams. As a self-employed person, you can begin with your assignments quick and easy. It may be the start of an exciting and developing journey, whether it is the first step towards your own registered company, the way to a permanent employment or simply a future as a self-employed contracter/ freelancer. We want to give people the chance to make the most of their potential – we are therefore proud to run Bolagskraft!

Sign up to be our client today

If you want to work as a freelancer/self-employeed and invoice without having a company - become a client at BolagsKraft and you can start working and invoicing today. You have insurance thru us when you work, create invoices and handle your salary payments thru our web-site.
This is all the administration that you as a self-employed freelancer need to worry about - we handle all the rest, so that you can focus on what you do best!