Invoice without a company

This is how BolagsKraft works

Are you curious about self-employment and how you can invoice without having a company? Do you want to know how the concept of self-employment works? Would you like to know how BolagsKraft work and why we are passionate about making your life as a self-employed freelancer simple and fun? In that case it’s about time you watch our movie (swedish) that explains how it all works.

Start your self-employment today.

You don’t need to start your own business or have what we in Sweden call a F-tax slip to start taking assignments. You can become self-employed thru us and invoice without a company. You get the freedom of having your own business without all the hassle and administration that you would get starting on your own!

No business is to small or to big.

Whether your work through BolagsKraft is for an hour or full-time, BolagsKraft serves as a platform for your assignments. Many self-employed are “combiners” who mix other work, studies or retirement with their own employment. Theese people send invoice’s depending on the number of assignments they have done.

Easy to work - Easy to handle.

We want to make it easy for you to work, and as a self-employed person, it should be easy to handle their duties invoices and payments. Therefore, we have a smooth and transparent web-based system that you can access wherever you are – with the highest possible security and encryption.

Work anywhere you want.

BolagsKraft’s office is located in the in Jönköping, but where you work as a self-employed does not matter because everything is done thru the web. You don’t even have to work in Sweden.

Value for money.

As a self-employed freelancer with BolagsKraft there are no fixed cost or start fees involved. It’s only when you’re billing and we have to work with the administration and pay for insurance – that we get paid. Then we deduct our service fee of 8.5% (minimum fee is 50 SEK per invoice) of the amount we invoice your customer. Because the cost is deducted when your customers’ payments have come in, you never have to spend any money on our work.

What do our self employees say?

Marie Kjellén och Mats Andersson

Marie Kjellén och Mats Andersson


"With BolagsKraft we have got the time to develop our business and our offer."

Their thoughtful lectures on life with disabilities are lined with humor, joy and seriousness. Through BolagsKraft, Marie and Mats run the company…

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Peter Jeppson

Peter Jeppson


"To be a part of BolagsKraft gives me the freedom to do what I want and develop in my art."

When he creates art, Peter is constantly looking for new creative expressions. ThroughBolagsKraft, he can continue to devote himself to the thing…

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Torbjörn Karlsson

Torbjörn Karlsson

Construction worker

"After my company went bankrupt I got a real eye-opener about what it takes to run my own business and started looking for help."

After working for several different construction companies, Torbjörn decided to start his own consturction company. He quickly gained good reputation in the…

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Read more about our services

Our goal is to enable more people to dare to invest in the dream of running their own business. On the page "our services", you can read more about how BolagsKraft work to make your everyday living easier and more fun. We want you to continue doing what you are good at so that your business idea will grow. Therefore, we offer to you help with everything from how to handle your finances, legal issues and insurance, also how to attract new custumers as well as marketing and design.

The story behind Bolagskraft

The reason I wanted to work with Bolagskraft is that I know through our experience what opportunities you can get through a self-employment. Self-employed in Sweden is called Egenanställd and it means that you can work and invoice without starting your own business. We handle everything – you will find your own assignments and invoice thru BolagsKraft, we then pay all taxes, VAT and you get your paycheck.

Our wish is to employ as many people as possible and help them realize their dreams. As a self-employed person, you can begin with your assignments quick and easy. It may be the start of an exciting and developing journey, whether it is the first step towards your own registered company, the way to a permanent employment or simply a future as a self-employed contracter/ freelancer. We want to give people the chance to make the most of their potential – we are therefore proud to run Bolagskraft!

Sign up to be our client today

If you want to work as a freelancer/self-employeed and invoice without having a company - become a client at BolagsKraft and you can start working and invoicing today. You have insurance thru us when you work, create invoices and handle your salary payments thru our web-site.
This is all the administration that you as a self-employed freelancer need to worry about - we handle all the rest, so that you can focus on what you do best!