How does self-employment
for companies work?

Are you starting up business in Sweden or have temporary staffing needs, but do not want to hire staff.

When hiring someone, you need to ask yourself whether you should be taking them on as an employee or as a self-employed person. From your point of view, taking on a self-employed person is better than taking on an employee. Self-employment is an option for companies who want to avoid any administration that occurs during employment or who don’t want to hire staff from a temp agency. If this is case a self-employed freelancer may be best solution for you,  you can hire a consultant for short or long assignments in your hour of need. BolagsKraft is not a staffing company, we do not have consultants for rent or recruitment. You know where to find your external skills and we help you to make it as easy as possible for you as an employer to get competent staff. A self-employed consultant bills your company for the hours the consultant has worked through BolagsKraft, we take the entire employer responsibility under the assignment and handle all paperwork, taxes, VAT and employer fees. The self-employed is of course insured through BolagsKraft, for certain types of assignments a special insurance may be required and we will look at what is needed in consultation with the self-employed. Hiring a self-employed can also be a good way to test future staff for a few months before making a recruitment. As a customer, you get much more flexibility to replace staff who for different reasons do not fit in or have the right qualifications for your workplace. Another example is whether you are thinking of creating a new function or service at the company, it might be a good way to try a consultant to see if the service is a strategic choice in the right direction. Does your company need staff that can come in and work during a reorganization, during vacations or as a temporary worker, then a self-employed person is a good alternative to employment.

Do you already know who you want to recruit?

Then ask the person (s) you want to hire to contact us at BolagsKraft and we will help them to start up as self-employed consultants. Once this is done, you can hire them as contractors and consultants in your business.

How does self employment work?

Our own employees work as self-employed but without having a business. You agree with the self-employed consultant about the work to be performed and what remuneration will be paid and pay for the services when the consultant sends an invoice to you. You get the job done and we are responsible for the payment of salary and that the self-employed consultant is insured and taxes and fees are paid. We at BolagsKraft manage the administrative work for our own employees, so that they can focus on doing a good job for their customers. We charge for our services with a service charge calculated on the invoiced amount ex VAT, this can be compared to what an accounting agency pays to handle a traditional company’s financial administration.

Reduce Your Administrative costs

We have many self-employed consultants who work on long-term assignments, sometimes with a former employer who wants to reduce their administrative costs. The company has in cases gone from employing staff to only have consultants and freelancers and we at BolagsKraft take care of all administrative work with wages and insurance policies. The company receives invoices from the consultants each month that correspond to what it would have cost to have them employed, but the company saves in not having to employ someone for the administration with wages, taxes, employer fees etc.