Taking care of your finances is easy when you are self-employed thru BolagsKraft, through us you invoice without having a company, you can think of us as your own finance department.

When you have submitted a basis for your invoice thru the portal, we are responsible for sending your invoice but also taking care of the payroll calculation and the payment to your account.
We want you as a self-employed person to be able to focus and continue to develop your business concept and your entrepreneurship, so we also take responsibility for submitting your VAT and taxes to the Swedish Tax Agency.
All in order for you to have more time to devote yourself into what you’re passionate about and use less time for paperwork.

Should you have other questions regarding your business finances, we will be happy to help you. BolagsKraft have authorized accountants for counsulting when you need to make greater financial decisions.


After you have created your invoice form in our web portal, we take care of the billing and send the invoice to your client.


We check with our authorized accountant what expenses you can charge and receive compensation for in connection with the assignment.
We also take care of the VAT payments and the accounting.


We calculate your salary and the payment, we also make payments of your taxes and fees to the Swedish Tax Agency. You always get the salary paid into your account and with BolagsKraft, you as a self-employed person never need to worry about your finances.


We handle all your administration, which means you do not need any knowledge of accounting, administration, tax legislation and so on. You submit all receipts connected to your projects and we will see if they can be credited to your assignments.

The story behind Bolagskraft

The reason I wanted to work with Bolagskraft is that I know through our experience what opportunities you can get through a self-employment. Self-employed in Sweden is called Egenanställd and it means that you can work and invoice without starting your own business. We handle everything – you will find your own assignments and invoice thru BolagsKraft, we then pay all taxes, VAT and you get your paycheck.

Our wish is to employ as many people as possible and help them realize their dreams. As a self-employed person, you can begin with your assignments quick and easy. It may be the start of an exciting and developing journey, whether it is the first step towards your own registered company, the way to a permanent employment or simply a future as a self-employed contracter/ freelancer. We want to give people the chance to make the most of their potential – we are therefore proud to run Bolagskraft!

Sign up to be our client today

If you want to work as a freelancer/self-employeed and invoice without having a company - become a client at BolagsKraft and you can start working and invoicing today. You have insurance thru us when you work, create invoices and handle your salary payments thru our web-site.
This is all the administration that you as a self-employed freelancer need to worry about - we handle all the rest, so that you can focus on what you do best!