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What services can be sold as RUT (home-based services)?

Household services include:

HOUSECLEANING AND CLEANING WORK, such as cleaning, dishes, window sills, moving of furniture that is needed for cleaning work, replacement of broken lamps, fuses and the like. There is no deduction for items that are made on occasionally and require special knowledge, such as sooting, sewer cleaning, cleaning of ventilation systems, roof and facade washing. Cleaning due to moving does not include moving of furniture to the new adress.

This includes clothes laundering, ironing, easier mending of clothing, home textiles and polishing footwear. Laundry can be carried out in the shared laundry room adjacent to the accommodation. Care of home textiles refers to the hanging and removal of curtains that are washed in the home as well as carpet cleaning in or adjacent to the accommodation.

Snowmowing also includes roofs, balconies and decks as well as removing snow from the yard and drive on their own plot or a deeded access road. Also snow removal with tractors etc and labor costs for sanding and salting.

Gardening with a tax reduction is usually regarded as ongoing gardening that does not require specialist knowledge. For example, lawn mowing, weed cleaning, raking, pruning and hedge trimming. There is no tax reduction for planting, tree cutting, tree felling or construction work; Nor for transport of waste or drainage of wastewater.

Children are those under the age of 18. Childcare is must be in or close to the accommodation, leaving and retrieval of children to and from preschool, school, leisure activity. As part of childcare, baby sitter may help the child with homework and other school work. However, reading lesson may only be a small part, ie 10 percent, of childcare at each individual occasion. A babysitter can also cook food for the children if it can be considered a normal task for a babysitter and a task usually performed by the people in the household itself.

This includes work of a personal nature, which does not require specialist training such as help with personal hygiene, dressing and un-dressing, feeding and similar personal tasks. Also help to pay bills, shopping for food, reading, companion for daily walks and for simpler errands, such as visits to a bank or a shop and visits to a health center.

The tax reduction does not apply to massage, foot care, hair clipping, beauty treatment even if the service is performed in the home. Neither services provided by anyone who has a certificate for occupations in the health care sector. Nor does work with technical equipment like IT support, TV installations, home appliances repair or similar. Pet care does not entitle you to tax reduction.
Services rendered by the municipality do not give the right to tax deductions.

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