Dear to start your own business!

Are you a person with many ideas or are are sitting and thinking about new projects that never get of the ground.
Then you are in good company, we Swedes are a little bit careful when it comes to leave financial security and tru to do it on our own.
Our ideas are tossed and turned in infinity, sometimes so long that someone else can realize them before we get our feet of the ground.

We need to get a little bit more brave, dare to invest in our ideas and stop worrying about of failure.
The choice to develop your own business is not a lifetime judgment, you can always go back. Certainly, it will take hard work, great stubbornness and a belief in your self, but it’s usually not what makes us doubt.
All of our amazing dreams and ideas may come to screeching halt only beacuse we don’t know how to manage the administrative and financial parts of running a company.
The solution is self employment, as an self-employee you can choose to work full-time, part-time or just take shorter consultancy assignments. You work whenever you want and just as much as you want.

We can say that self-employment is a bit “lagom” to use a popular Swedish expression, giving you the opportunity to run your own business without actually starting a business.

The self-employment company manages all administration and you as an entrepreneur only need to work and submit invoice documents.

Who are the self- employees?

We can’t answer for everyone, but with us at BolagsKraft most professions are represented.
We have carpenters, cleaners, programmers, IT consultants, lecturers, tattoo artists, lawyers, gardeners, painters, artists, musicians, administrators, comedians, wizards, fire breathers, glassblowers, tailors, hairdressers, yoga instructors, bartenders, personal trainer, electricians, etc.

Some of them work full-time and some alongside their regular work, parental leave or studies.
They are at all ages from teens who have created their own opportunities to earn money to retirees who are not ready to retire full-time.

Whether you are employed or jobseekers, thinking about starting your own business or maybe studying and wanting to work side by side about your studies.
If you have a dream of becoming your own, it’s better to try and fail than try not at all,  if it doesn’t work, you try again or you go back to an employment.
Failing is a part of life and all big companies started with a small step of brave people with drive, great ideas and creativity.

Contact us and we will help you get started with your own employment!


Good Luck