To be Self-Employed

Many are looking for solutions to be able to invoice as an individual or invoicing without having a company, self-empolyment (egenanställd) is the answer.

Self-empolyment is an easy way to be your own boss and the perfect solution for anyone that don’t want to start their own business, but still have the opportunity to control their work and have their own clients.

The advantage of self-employment is that you don’t have to deal with any administration, you invoice your assignments thru BolagsKraft, and we report your VAT and ensure that taxes and social security contributions are paid to the Swedish tax authorities.
BolagsKraft is here to support you and answer all questions that may arise when you are commissioned, we also help you to sign agreements with the client.

Who can become self-employed?

The answer is – Anyone!

If you have a profession that would work to do as a consultant or freelance, a business idea you want to realize, a hobby that you can have as an extra job or are you often asked to help people with computers, painting, carpentry, cut hair or take care of Children or dogs?
Then self-employment can be the perfect solution for you.
With a self-employment, you get the best from two worlds, you have your own business but don’t have to deal with the administration and still have the same convenience as an employed.

Self-employment suits most jobs that you can invoice.

You can work periodically, full time or part time, we don’t care how much or how often you work. It’s completely free to be registered with us, you do not pay any fixed fees, but we charge an administrative fee for our work when we do the billing.

To consider as a self-employed

It is your job to get your own assignments, set your prices and market you and your talents.
How you choose to sell yourself and your knowledge is of course up to you, but we are here to support you with tips and advice on how to get along.
If you need help with marketing, building a website, design business cards, etc. then contact us.
Some things we can help with in-house and for the rest we have amazing conections.

When you are self-employed and need to put a price on your services, it’s good to have a few things in your calculation.
Are you doing this on a full-time basis? Then you should calculate to cover vacation pay, occupational pension and sick pay.

Self-employment is a job model that grows beacuse today’s labor market has a need for new flexible forms of employment. Many want greater control over their work situation and long for freedom to manage their work, to decide how much, when and where to work. The obstacle is usually that they find it easier said than done to start their own business.

A self employment can be both a way into the labor market because you can get paid for temporary assignments, or a way to try out a business idea before starting your own business. It can also be your forever job if you love what you do and don’t want the hassle with all the paperwork that running your own business creates.

Our self employed

We have self-employed people of all ages and with different skill sets, ranging from driven 16-year-olds who have created their own jobs and retirees who do not really want to let go of their working life.

They work with everything from dog walking, mowing lawns, administration, nursing, art, teaching and carpentry to architecture and research, but common to all is that they enjoy being their own boss without running a business.

We give them the freedom to create and develop their business without worrying about the paperwork.

If any one of the self-employees want to develop and move on to acctually run their own business, then we will of course help them with this.

Contact us and we will tell you more.