The power of a business card

The rumors telling us about the near-death of the business card are in my opinion highly exaggerated.
In our digital age some people think that business cards are obsolete and unnecessary, they say that the online plattforms have made them outdated.
However, reality is completely different and all attempts to try to “reinvent” the business card in the digital world have failed.

The business cards are everywhere, even in the most digital worlds of them all…Silicone Valley,
people still greet each other by handing out these little card rectangles rather than tapping their phones together.

This is about marketing your self, and as a self-empolyed it is so important to always market you and your skills.

The Personal Touch

In a world where you nowadays rarely have true face-to-face communication, we place a higher value on the personal touch than before.
The business card is a physical representation of you, your personality, your brand and the company you represent.
Your card does not have to be just informative, it can be memorable, fun and visually inspiring. Your business card can leave a lasting impression in ways that words might not do, and your potential customer will remember you long after you have handed it to them.

Create a conversation

A really well-designed business card can also start a whole new conversation with a prospective client. The more unique the card, the more you’ll open lines of communication, and that’s important when you’re meeting for the first time.

This is your profession

When asked by friends and acquaintances to help out with your knowledge or services, you can easily get out of the trap of working for free by handing over your business card.
Hand over the card with the phrase – Absolutely! I’d like to help you, here you have my card

This is a clear signal that you are not working for free, they would not understand the nod, so you might have to be extra clear and maybe put your price list on the back of the card.

Be prepared

In stead of fiddling with your phone to get your contact information or trying to find a piece of paper and a pen, just reach for your business card.
This shows that you are a proffessional and ready to do business, that can make all the difference for a client.

A Physical Reminder

The business card can also act as a physical reminder that you have actually met someone rather than you just Googled them.
When you go through piles of different cards they help you to recall memories of meetings in ways that simply looking through your browser bookmarks or inbox never would.

Machines and computers are good for a lot of things, but the personal meeting is so much more better and the memory of that meeting is your business card.


If you need help with design or print business cards, we have partners that can help you find a card that suits you, contact us.kontakta oss